Benchmarks (4 cores)


Update 2007-09-27: Warning! These benchmarks are outdated by more then a factor of 10!


The following benchmarks were taken on the "Quake 4" multiplayer map "Over The Edge (Q4DM7)" at a resolution of 256x256 in "Quake 4: Raytraced". All lights cast dynamic shadows. For raytracing and parallelization on multiple threads the library OpenRT from Saarland University is used. The values are NOT comparable to the original "Quake 4" and the original game will not scale with these values.

fThe test system was Intel's "Core 2 Extreme QX6700" and the benchmarks were taken at Intel's Test Lab in Munich, Germany.

The quad core CPU QX6700 has internally two dual-core CPUs. The mode with 4 cores represents the standard mode of the CPU. In the case with 2 cores the dual-core feature has been disabled per BIOS. In the case with 1 core the the dual-core feature has been disabled per BIOS and the second internal CPU has been disabled per BIOS.

Framerate in fps:


Scaling of the framerate: